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Saying goodbye to ‘the sage on stage’

DurhamRegion.com As an undergraduate student, I looked up to my professors. I am not saying that just because I admired and respected the faculty members who taught me, but because it’s the literal truth. In those days, professors stood at the front of the room to deliver their lectures.

ACG: How to kindle the flame of learning – ACG – NZ Herald News

When any discussion begins on the best ways of teaching and learning, it is not long before the wisdom of Socrates is quoted: “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

Teaching technology to educators

ANDERSON – Approximately 650 educators interrupted their summer vacations to attend Madison County’s second eLearning conference at Anderson University on Tuesday and Wednesday. Local and nationally recognized eLearning and technology experts led dozens of attendees on topics including accessibility, digital citizenship, eLearning, leadership and STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math.

Design framework for an adaptive MOOC enhanced by blended learning: Supplementary training and personalized learning for teacher professional development

Three in four U.S. teachers say open educational textbooks are used more often than textbooks , a new report from TES Global Why are universities fighting Open Education?

How to make your kids smarter? An honest look at the data.

As a statistician and economist, John H. Johnson’s world is data, or rather, trying to make sense of it. The co-founder and chief executive of the Edgeworth Economics litigation and consulting firm, Johnson works to interpret and properly use data in numerous settings.

Data, access help improve workforce demands

Everyday, we are bombarded with data. We are exposed to it everywhere and about everything. Data can help us understand the world around us. It can help us identify needs and opportunities for positive change. It can help us adapt when it shows us something isn’t working.

Face-to-face interaction still important as higher ed shifts to digital

As colleges and universities look to embrace online learning, the role of face-to-face interaction cannot be ignored. However, with the trend towards online learning, traditional brick-and-mortar instruction should do away with the 50-minute lecture, experts say, focusing class time instead on a more interactive, conversational and collaborative approach that highlights engagements that are difficult to achieve online in order to hold students’ attention.

Personalization is key when it comes to online learning, leaders say

Online students need personalized learning too, a group of higher education leaders said at a recent panel. The New Media Consortium recently hosted an online panel with leaders from colleges and online education programs to discuss advancements in digital and personal learning.

Increasing nurse instructor shortage

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – The state of Texas is facing a shortage of nursing instructors while the demand of healthcare rises. The shortage of nursing instructors is impacting the number of nurses within our community. This shortage is expected to worsen if currently registered nurses do not further their education to become instructors.

‘A for Android’, ‘B for basics’: Google teaches Android development online

Too hooked on Android and can’t live without your smart gizmo? There is a way. Google understands what its users are up to and has taken a step forward. Associating with Udacity, the online education company, it is inviting the tech-savvy population to join its course on app making!