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The Business Case for Replacing Your LMS

When you ask us about how to build the business case to replace your LMS, you might not expect our first question. Who wants to replace it and why? Who matters because the right decision-makers must support the initiative. Why is important because when it comes down to the decision, the only thing that matters is business results.

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Is There Still a Place for Discussion Forums in Online Learning?

I have always been on the fence about the use of discussion boards in online courses, in the same way as I was on the fence about MiniDiscs (remember those?) back in the ’90s. Sure it’s something different, but what’s the point? Don’t we have a faster more efficient way to communicate ideas and build virtual communities?

3 Business Models for Online Course Entrepreneurship for WordPress and Other Technologists – LifterLMS

If you study the history of the online course industry, you’ll find that technology courses, specifically web technology, is where the early innovators started building businesses around online courses. This makes logical sense because the early e-learning technology innovators were technologists themselves. Many of the early courses on Udemy were about teaching web technology like WordPress.

#170 Introduction to Ed Puzzle [1/2]: Make video learning active!

Ed Puzzle is a free to use web tool that enables you to transform videos into an active learning environment. You can use your own videos, or videos that you have found from another source, like YouTube or Khan Academy. Ed Puzzle gives you the tools to crop the videos down to just the clips…

Effective Graphics

Everyone knows that graphics play a vital role in training. Good visuals help learners absorb material more effectively and make training memorable. Bad visuals, on the other hand, distract learners, and can be detrimental to the learning process. To design truly valuable courses, eLearning professionals should be aware of the fundamental graphic design tips and tricks.

Helge Scherlund’s eLearning News: Carlos Slim’s Foundation Launches Free Online Educational App | Forbes

Dolia Estevez , Foreign Correspondent inform, “Carlos Slim launched a free online educational platform in Mexico where young people lack access to education and job training.” As part of his philosophy that philanthropic foundations do not solve poverty but knowledge does, Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helú launched Aprende.org , a free online educational platform aimed at expanding opportunities to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, hisfoundation announced Wednesday.

Helge Scherlund’s eLearning News: The latest higher-ed tech developments | Laura Devaney, Director of News, K-12 and Higher Education

Catch up on the most compelling higher-ed news stories you may have missed this week. Each Friday, Laura Devaney will be bringing you a recap of some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news developments that occurred over the week.

3 Vital Steps for Creating Storyline Game Zen Part 1 – eLearning Brothers

When you think of building a Storyline game, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the seemingly endless revisions, hours of testing, and things you don’t know or are unsure about. Even in Storyline, the idea of building a well-rounded game can be very daunting.

Material Design in Lectora Templates – eLearning Brothers

With mobile devices and touch screens being a big part of our daily lives, we want these devices and their applications to be intuitive and easy to use. The design of user interfaces ought to give us cues as to how to interact with them, and they ought to respond to our actions in the way we’re expecting.