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Deep Learning: Using an Artificial Brain to Protect against Cyberattacks

In cybersecurity, the big challenge is to be able to protect against the millions of new malware variants that are launched daily. Although nearly all of the zero-day threats are based on extremely small mutations of known malware (by some estimates, the vast majority of new malware are mutated by less than 2% in comparison with known malware), many security solutions are incapable of detecting them because they rely on manually-tuned heuristics for creating handcrafted signatures.

Artificial Intelligence Is Setting Up the Internet for a Huge Clash With Europe

Neural networks are changing the Internet. Inspired by the networks of neurons inside the human brain, these deep mathematical models can learn discrete tasks by analyzing enormous amounts of data. They’ve learned to recognize faces in photos, identify spoken commands, and translate text from one language to another.

The future of healthcare is not people versus machines

A digital shift in healthcare in recent years has paved the way for advances in automation, artificial intelligence and even surgical robots. Whether using a virtual human to capture patient intake data or sensors to monitor symptoms, digital technology is undoubtedly propelling the industry forward.

Cyber security will soon be the work of machines – FT.com

We are soon to become cogs in the “internet of things”, that futuristic, ultra-connected, sensor-filled world in which our every action is measured and our every whim anticipated. This utopia promises undreamt-of convenience (the heating switched on

Report: Machine Learning Driving AI

Artificial intelligence research continues to accelerate as human and machines collaborate to solve more complex problems. A new survey by the National Academy of Science identifies the frontiers of AI research that include “augmented cognition” along with “integrative” AI.

How you can master machine learning and AI

Believe it or not, you can learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning even those with little to no programming background. Right now, you can save hundreds on the Complete Machine Learning Bundle , featuring 10 in-depth courses and over 60 hours of hands-on training to get you up to speed on the latest machine learning skills.

Anything you can do, AI can do better: Machine Learning

Anything you can do AI can do better: Machine Learning

Why Market Leaders Are Turning To Machine Learning

By Christine Kern , contributing writer As the Internet of Things explodes, so do opportunities for machine learning. The machine learning arm of market leaders is getting stronger as they bolster technology to enhance efficiency and the customer experience.

How IoT and machine learning can make our roads safer

The transportation industry is associated with high maintenance costs, disasters, accidents, injuries and loss of life. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are losing their lives to car accidents and road disasters every year. According to the National Safety Council, 38,300 people were killed and 4.4 million injured on U.S.

What Machine Learning and Draymond Green Have To Do With Education (EdSurge News)

Sure, that sounds like a total click bait headline. But weirdly enough, it’s not.For the past 15 years, technology entrepreneurs, investors and others have gathered in Aspen, CO in the summer, drawn to a conference convened by Fortune magazine called Brainstorm Tech. Attendees revel in the chance t