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Machine Learning Recognizes Unknown Events in YouTube Videos

sing deep learning techniques, a group of researchers has trained a computer to recognize events in videos on YouTube — even the ones the software has never seen before like riding a horse, baking cookies or eating at a restaurant.

Preparing For The Future of Work

When people discuss the workplace of the future, they frequently focus on the collaboration technologies and the layout of these new workspaces. We discuss the “intolerance” of millennials and how work tools must change to support the digital native. While the selection of tools is important, this dialogue lacks a discussion […]

Are machine learning algorithms biased?

Technologies driven by algorithms and artificial intelligence are increasingly present in our lives, and we are now regularly bumping up against a thorny question: can these programs be neutral actors? Or will they always reflect some degree of human bias? The dustup over Facebook’s “trending topics” list and its possible liberal bias hit such a nerve that the U.S.

Scientists have developed a mind-reading machine that can visualize your thoughts

A team from the University of Oregon have developed a system that can read people’s thoughts via brain scans, and rebuild the faces they were visualising in their heads. The study, led by Brice Kuhl and Hongmi Lee from the University of Oregon, used artificial intelligence (AI) that analysed brain activity in an attempt to reconstruct one of a series of faces that participants were seeing.

Amazing analysis of the Brexit with machine learning

So the UK has just given itself a national headache. Whether you think the Brexit was the right decision or a dangerous and unmitigated screw-up (as I do), the consequences of the referendum will be non-trivial and take years to complete.

This app teaches people a Midwestern accent

Want to learn to talk like you’re from Kansas? Pick up Elsa Speak. It’s an app that uses machine learning to teach the pronunciation of a Midwestern accent. “We chose a Midwestern accent because we talked to a lot of speech therapists and they said this is the most commonly understood accent that people should learn,” Elsa founder Vu Van told VentureBeat.

Machine Learning techniques and the future of Ecology and Earth Science Research

Increasingly becoming a necessity in Ecology and Earth Science research, handling complex data can be a tough nut when traditional statistical methods are applied. As its first publication, the new technologically-advanced Open Access journal One Ecosystem features a review paper describing the benefits of using machine learning technologies when working with highly-dimensional and non-linear data.

Machine learning can analyze data to quickly pinpoint an attack.

We’re all familiar with the story – sophisticated cyber-attacks are increasing in number and complexity, adding to the workload of already beleaguered security professionals, and helping fuel a surge in cybersecurity job postings. But these positions are incredibly tough to fill because of the insufficient supply of experienced professionals and lack of new talent.

Smart Cities Improve The Health Of Their Citizens

Smart cities hold the promise to potentially make urban areas more efficient, more secure, and even more, um, health conscious?

Standard Machine Learning Datasets To Practice in Weka – Machine Learning Mastery

It is a good idea to have small well understood datasets when getting started in machine learning and learning a new tool. The Weka machine learning workbench provides a directory of small well understood datasets in the installed directory. In this post you will discover some of these small well understood datasets distributed with Weka, …