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How To Create An Effective eLearning Experience | eNyota Learning

With the advent of computer, notebooks, laptops, and other modern gadgets, the medium of learning for school and colleges has become quite easy. Whether you want to opt for distance learning or you wish to learn a foreign language, now all happens at your finger tip.

The Rapid Evolution Changing Corporate Leadership

My friend usually started our lunch meeting with by sharing the great things happening in his business – customer satisfaction, growth rate, employee engagement, and expansion opportunities. This lunch was different. As he sat there looking at me, defeated, he said, “John, in a matter of 10 minutes everything changed.”

The Benefits of Gamification for Learning Reinforcement

Gamification is rapidly gaining traction in the learning industry as an effective way to increase knowledge retention and drive behavior change. This new, innovative approach to training and learning reinforcement offers benefits for a wide-range of soft-skill and technical training reinforcement programs. If you are looking to increase the impact of your training programs and effectively drive behavior change, consider testing gamification based on the benefits outlined below.


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The original aim of higher education has been lost

A university education is like love: if you have to pay for it, something must be wrong. In this sense the UK has turned into a loveless country where harlotry prevails.

Get Set Up to Succeed in an Online Degree Program

Before beginning classes, explore your access to student resources, like digital libraries and online tutoring. Once you have chosen your online degree program, you may be uncertain about how to now ensure your success. You may not even know what steps to take next.

5 EdTech Trends Shaping Business Education – From Artificial Intelligence To Virtual Reality

© AFP The edtech trend on the tip of everyone’s tongue at this year’s EdtechXEurope event is artificial intelligence. By harnessing the power of AI and deep learning, educators can glean insights from the vast quantities of data hoovered up from their students.

Advantages of Taking an Online Public Health Degree or Masters * SJS

There are many reasons why further education and continuous professional development are tantamount to a successful career trajectory in the healthcare sector. Care guidelines are subject to constant change and healthcare workers need to stay in touch with the latest developments. As a result, learning new skills is essential.

Practutor Blog7 Strategies for Student Success with Online Learning – Practutor Blog

Are you considering an online learning program for your class? Numbers speak a lot. As per CDE (2016), nearly 62% of districts have a digital content and curriculum strategy, while other 33% have confirmed that they have one under way. It is just a matter of time that you too would be using online learning in your classroom.

Learning Technology’s Role in Recruiting for Culture Fit

MOOCS, massive open online courses, and small private online courses, or SPOCs, are increasingly popular learning and development tools, especially when it comes to onboarding and training. However, there’s another option: use MOOCs to gauge cultural fit in the recruiting process.