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20+ Free Button Starter Kits for E-Learning #133

Button Starter Kits RECAP #133: Challenge | Recap This week’s challenge asked course designers to share button starter kits. Starter kits include buttons for gaming, navigation, general course design, and so much more! Remember: The challenges are always open. You can jump into this or any previous challenges anytime and we’ll update the recap post to include your work.

How to Select the Right E-Learning Software | The Rapid E-Learning Blog

I get a lot of questions about buying elearning software. And with that I get to see some of the ridiculous checklists that some IT groups create to compare software. Usually they place more value on number of features (regardless of their real value) than on how those features are used to create the online courses.

No te lo pierdas! MOOC: Innovación en la creación de recursos abiertos para la educación | The Open Education Consortium

La temática del curso aborda la selección, uso y reúso de recursos educativos abiertos, las posibilidades de repositorios que alojan estos materiales, estrategias de búsqueda e integración en procesos formativos, así como la importancia de valorar su medición e impacto en los aprendizajes de los participantes.

Boston Limited introduces new deep learning platform powered by groundbreaking technology at ISC 2016

St. Albans, United Kingdom (June 21, 2016) – Boston Limited have introduced the latest weapon to their machine learning armoury in the guise of the Boston ANNA Pascal, a new NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU-based solution at ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany.

[Webinar] Lectora Action Groups: Building it Smarter, Making it Easier – eLearning Brothers

Lectora is easily one of the deepest, and most comprehensive tools in the eLearning world for creating complex and beautiful eLearning. This allows you as the user to create virtually anything you want the way you want.

Blue Collar Captivate Templates – eLearning Brothers

As long as we humans continue to expand and develop our existing civilizations, we are going to need people on the front lines, growing and maintaining our infrastructure and creating the goods needed to expand our society. And as long as people need physical expertise, there will be a need for a reliable way to give people that expertise.

Tuesday Tip: eLearning Project Discovery Checklist

Discovery. Scope of work. Creative brief. Analysis. The planning stage. Estimate. Whatever you call it, those initial moments before a project truly begins are crucial. Knowing the full scope of the project ahead of you helps you estimate your time, and rate, accordingly.

5 Ways to Evaluate If Your eLearning Hits the Mark – eLearning Brothers

It takes hours, weeks, and sometimes months to create eLearning content. And then, once the course launches, there’s a bit of a void. The course is in production, and the eLearning content team wonders if it’s well received. Hopefully…fingers crossed…it’s making a difference for learners.

What are Personal Learning Networks?

If you assume students are only learning from eLearning courses, you are failing to leverage a huge part of the learning process. Ask yourself where do you learn? Most of us might answer “in a classroom”, but, in reality, the majority of learning comes from other places, like Personal Learning Networks.

Elearning market trends 2016: Get the right tools for blended learning

A recent study by learning technology analyst Brandon Hall Group shows widespread dissatisfaction with learning management systems, despite proven positive business results. Organizations polled were frustrated with the lack of quality and variety of learning technology functionalities. Data revealed a lack of informal and experiential learning tools.