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How to Create Self-Paced Learning – E-Learning Heroes

Tell me if this sounds familiar: In the educational system most of us grew up with, there was a set schedule. We had enforced class periods and fleeting breaks. The syllabus was handed down from professors without conversation about our specific needs or interests. Thankfully, e-learning flips that experience on its head.

Online program to serve students in recovery

In an effort to provide a more supportive educational experience for students recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, Peers Enjoying A Sober Education (PEASE) Academy has joined with Minnesota Virtual High School to offer middle and high school students fully accredited degree programs online.

Georgia is among handful of states that didn’t learn from online testing mistakes

When the state of Tennessee ran into problems this spring in its first year of online testing, its lawmakers did something that Georgia’s did not — they asked what happened in other states that adopted online testing. The state’s Office of Research and Education Accountability produced a nifty color-coded, interactive map to answer that question.

New engineering online degree program available

by Tim Crosby CARBONDALE, Ill. – Online education opportunities are once again expanding at Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s College of Engineering, with a new degree program slated to hit the internet this fall. Students can sign up now for the Department of Technology’s Electrical Engineering Technology program.

Education for a jobless future: Are colleges preparing students for the workforce?

If you want one example of how advancing technology and global economic forces are rapidly reshaping the modern workplace, just take look at a recent graduating class at Michigan State University. In 2014, Procter & Gamble hired graduates from 86 different majors at Michigan State, reflecting P&G’s eagerness to hedge its bets to find the right match.

Commercialization of education

Dear Editor, This is in response to the news item, “principal and HM suspended following dismal CBSE results” published on June 17. I request the education minister to understand the greater policy of Govt. of India. The present and previous governments of India have been trying to commercialise education by trying to allow western countries to invest in Indian education sector.

Is There Still a Place for Discussion Forums in Online Learning?

I have always been on the fence about the use of discussion boards in online courses, in the same way as I was on the fence about MiniDiscs (remember those?) back in the ’90s. Sure it’s something different, but what’s the point? Don’t we have a faster more efficient way to communicate ideas and build virtual communities?

Design Any Custom Graphic You Can Imagine with Storyline 2

When we’re designing e-learning courses, we’re always looking for ways to make them look fun and visually appealing. To do this, we typically rely on graphics and images. Every e-learning designer has spent hours poring over image sites, searching for that perfect graphic or the ultimate icon set.

Remaining Eligible for Financial Aid

By Ryan LaspinaSenior Specialist, Red Flags and External Reviews at APUS To remain eligible for financial aid each year that you are enrolled in college, you must meet certain criteria each semester. Just because you are eligible for Federal Student Aid (FSA) during your first semester, that doesn’t automatically mean that you will continue to be eligible in subsequent semesters.

London launches management MOOC

The inspirational new MOOC, ‘The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work’, is now available for registration on the online Coursera platform. The six week course aims to give learners a practical guide to managing people at work.