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Not in class: Chronic absenteeism a problem throughout region’s schools

More than one in 10 students in the St. Louis region’s public schools – representing tens of thousands of students – are missing school so frequently that education experts deem them academically at risk. Data released this month by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office For Civil Rights and St.

Brain tumor risk linked to high education level

This year in the United States, an estimated 78,000 new cases of primary brain tumors will be diagnosed. The causes of brain and central nervous system tumors are largely unknown, but a new observational study has found a link between increased risk of developing a brain tumor and holding a university degree.

Northeastern offers bootcamp for data analytics professionals

Northeastern University offers a two-month bootcamp in data analytics, aimed at helping participants increase opportunities for career changes or entry-level work. Officials say that their institutional professional networks in the analytics industry help bootcamp graduates to quickly find positions. The bootcamp is an ideal marketing tool for the university’s advanced degree programs in computer programming.

Julia Gillard on new ‘information and data journey’ for education

It might seem strange for everyone to be getting so excited about data, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Global Partnership for Education Julia Gillard told Devex at Women Deliver 2016. But it’s exciting because it supports a new framework for improving education, she added.

Are MOOCs Key To Ensuring Your Skills Remain Valuable?

An exploration of how MOOCs can revolutionize how we learn and develop our professionals skills at work.

Is “graduation from a MOOC” a myth?

When I first learnt about Coursera about two years ago, I got massively excited, not as an investor who saw it as a great return opportunity, not as an entrepreneur who saw it as another unicorn dream realised, but as an ordinary learner who is curious about the world.

Education Department to release data reports on accreditors based on measures of student achievement

The federal government is set to release data reports designed to help measure the performance of accrediting agencies, with metrics such as the graduation rates, debt, earnings and loan repayment rates of students who attended the colleges the accreditors oversee. The U.S.

For Advocates, New Data On Education in Juvenile Facilities Just the Beginning

For the first time, the U.S. Department of Education’s collection of civil rights data includes information on the number of hours a week and days per year that youths in justice facilities have access to educational programming.

Teach Online TV #35: YouTube Marketing For Online Courses – Thinkific

Youtube has over 1 Billion users! If you aren’t using it to market your online courses, you’re missing out. As a course creator, you already have videos from your online courses. You might as well share some of them on Youtube and give people a taste of your content.

What Is Learning Curve Analysis?

True or false? Two students take a quiz with ten questions and each get half the questions wrong. Both have learned and retained the same amount of material from class. That seems true to most people. But the answer might not be so simple.