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Case Study: Creating a nonlinear course in a breeze

My name is Alice Marshall and I have recently graduated from The University of Manchester after completing a three year Degree in Biology. One of my University projects was to create an e-Learning resource to aid an animal based field trip to South Africa where students would be learning about insect classification in particular and then identifying insects found in the field.

How to Reach and Teach Students of All Abilities

Phyl Macomber is a curriculum strategist, national trainer, and author of T.H.E. P.A.C.T framework of instruction. As an education specialist, Phyl has conducted several training sessions for educators in different parts of the world. Her research in the field of education has won her recognition in several national conferences and conventions.

Gameful Design

By Edm ond Manning, Senior Instructional Strategist I want you to read every line of this blog post, so here’s what I’m going to do. I will give you 50 points, and you can use those points to buy an avatar and accessories. No, wait-Better than points, I’m going to give you a badge.

Thoughts on Personalized Learning | Learning Wire

Personalization of learning is what it sounds like, programs adapted to the needs, the learning methods, and the desires, of learners. Personalization seeks what the learner wants to learn, and how he or she wants to learn. Personalization focuses on the basic desire of people to enjoy what they are doing.

What About “Augmenting” your Learning Experience | Learning Wire

“Augmented reality” might bring to mind the habits of baby boomers using chemicals, and the World War Two generation using alcohol, to create conditions where they see things that are not really there. Famously so, such as with the “dts” that are said to plague people trying to give up excessive drinking.

Best Practices to Migrate Legacy Flash Courses to HTML5 the Right Way | Learning Wire

Today, mLearning or mobile learning is an integral part of learning strategy. If you haven’t opted for it, chances are that you are evaluating it. Besides new online training development, you certainly need to evaluate to migrate some or all of you legacy Flash courses to a format that is compatible with Tablets and Smartphones.

There’s Nothing Like Predicting your Learners’ Needs | Learning Wire

Predictive learning is a system of machine-based learning that estimates changes in the environment, makes these changes in the the learning program, and allows employees to learn how to deal with the different surroundings. Predictive learning’s opposite is Representation learning, showing things the way they actually area.

7 golden rules of a successful blended learning program | Learning Wire

This challenging initiative is striving to balance and structure the multiplication of teaching methods at our disposal so as to optimize learning. It aims to be a more effective, high-quality blended learning program. Training is a big investment. If you want to boost the engagement of both learners and managers, explain what’s at stake in the training program.

The recipe for impactful learning: discover the 7 principles now! | Learning Wire

For L&D professionals, it’s a constant challenge to create learning programs that will engage employees and drive lasting results for the individuals as well as for the organizations. It’s also an essential one – today’s talents are actively looking at training and development offerings when evaluating prospective employers. Micro, mobile, blended learning…

Listening to Golem

Coursera: “Philosophy and the Sciences”, The University of Edinburgh (no longer available) I am recovering from a veritable MOOC addiction. It started a few months ago, when for some reasons I kept finding myself wide awake at 3am.