Welcome to the No. 126 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning

The Connection

Interested in learning to landscape your yard using sustainable practices? Want to practice Spanish before traveling to South America? Didn’t take philosophy seriously in college, and want to take a refresher course? Looking to get an advanced degree or certification to secure a job promotion?

L&D in the hot seat: Anuradha Purbey of Aviva

L&D Professional interviews Anuradha Purbey, people director of the insurance firm Aviva, for her insights. She is based in Singapore. LDP: What are the most important parts of your L&D programs? AP: Our L&D programs are aligned to the short and long term needs of the business.

Training Minds & Changing Minds: What kind of e-learning content do you need?

As large and varied as the world of e-learning is, the actual content produced within it usually falls into one of two categories: active training designed to fill an immediate need, or a learning experience designed to build longer-lasting skills and create behavioural changes within an organisation.

An Inescapably Awesome Storyline Game Template – eLearning Brothers

At one point or another, we all love to play the rebel. There’s something invigorating about throwing caution to the wind and playing by your own rules. It’s the reason we love characters like Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer, and Han Solo.

The technology of higher education

For nearly 30 years, pundits have predicted that education technology would disrupt higher education. Online courses will reduce costs and create unprecedented access to higher education, so the argument goes. Likewise, adaptive learning will improve – or replace – the art of teaching as the right digital content is delivered at the right time to each individual learner.

How Digital Trends Are Impacting Learning within Companies

We’ve come a long way in the ways of corporate training and learning. The history of corporate training and development dates back to 1872 where Hoe and Company established factory schools to help train machinists during the Industrial Revolution. By 1917, corporate training had expanded into “Show, Tell, Do and Check” method from Charles R.

Online PD Courses Help Educators Understand Ed-Tech, Classroom Management, Study Finds – Market Brief

The three biggest reasons pre-K-12 educators took online professional development courses in the past year were to learn how to use digital devices, how to use the educational software that goes on them, or to find out more about classroom behavior or management, according to a new study.

How to Query an LRS to get xAPI Statements [+VIDEO & EXAMPLES]

So you’ve got your LRS set up, and it’s doing a great job of storing your activity data, and your dashboards are looking great. But how do you actually gain more detailed insights into the data? Well, in this post we’ll be having a quick look at ways in which you can query xAPI statements – or more specifically the Statement API.

GAfE Differentiates Naturally

By NPS Graphics, put together by User:Wcommons (http://www.nps.gov/hfc/carto/map-symbols.htm) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Can you believe I first discovered the “Magical Powers” a computer embraces for students of exceptionalities during those dinosaur times of a Windows 95 Desktop?

How to Void xAPI Statements [+VIDEO & EXAMPLES]

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the purpose and set-up of the various APIs that make up the Experience API, and most recently, how to query the Statement API. However, it’s also worth knowing how and why you might want to void a statement – and that, friends, is what we’re going to look at today.