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The Atavus Online Training Program Uses Education And Technology

As technology advances and concussions are being diagnosed more frequently, coaches, parents and players alike are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of America’s favorite sport , football. Despite increasing awareness regarding concussions and constant rule reforms implemented by the NFL to make the game safer, concussions are still occurring at an alarming rate.

Four Online Business Ideas You Can Start Now And Resell Later

“Glitter bombing” is just the latest online business trend that has tapped into this lucrative model.

International Education News l The PIE News l Focus less on tech and more on outcomes, urge ed tech leaders

While the technology exits to confront problems of access and scalability, teacher training hasn’t quite caught up, according to Jonathan Rochelle, director of product management at Google. “It’s not a technology problem anymore.

Ideas To Help Corporations Innovate Like Startups

There’s a serious gap between corporations and startups. According to Alessandro Di Fiore with the Harvard Business Review, “It’s not just a problem at companies known for poor management. Even businesses that are well versed in the best management practices can, without realizing it, generate an environment hostile to innovation.”

Digital Content Management Platform Adds Student Usage Analytics — Campus Technology

Learning Resources An application that helps colleges identify and catalog online resources has added analytics functionality designed to help instructors understand how much students are “engaging” with the digital materials. Intellus Learning, which has found pickup especially in institutions that use a lot of open educational resources, is intended to pinpoint digital assets that fit specific curriculum objectives and match student learning preferences.

Why Reading on Mobile is Different (And What You Can Do About It)

About 80 percent of all Internet users have a smartphone. About 1.2 billion people access the Internet from their mobile devices. Within the next two years , the smartphone will most likely be the only computer you own. In fact, for many people in developing countries, the smartphone is their first computer and the only Internet-enabled device they own.

Survey: What online professional learning do teachers prefer?

Educators from Pre-K up through higher education most often prefer to participate in professional learning opportunities that focus on training for online software and digital resources (34 percent), classroom management strategies (34 percent), and digital device training (33 percent), according to a new survey released during this year’s ISTE conference.

Taking your Professional Learning from 2D to 3D (EdSurge News)

Who can be a “collaborative changemaker”? Anyone, according to St. Louis Technology Integration Coach Patricia Brown. Speaking on panel at the PBS Digital Innovators event, Brown talked up the rise of the online spaces for collaboration, also known as personal learning networks (PLN) as enabling anyone, even those who in remote areas or who feel more introverted, to come together to collaborate and share ideas.

5 Features of Successful Online Learning Websites

For the past few years online learning has become a standard way of learning either with the combination of online and face-to-face approach, or as an independent, fully functional method. It has been greatly beneficial to students and educators alike due to its effectiveness in terms of flexibility, cost reductions, and overall enhanced experience provided by the utilization of advanced technology innovations.

Blended Learning MBAs: Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

For the working professional, pursuing an MBA can be complicated. Not everybody can afford to take one or two years off of work. There are a lot of purely online MBA programs out there, but many feel that it’s harder to develop critical skills like leadership from behind a computer.