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Darktrace bolsters machine learning-based security tools to automatically attack threats – TechRepublic

Darktrace, a cybersecurity startup that uses machine learning to detect threats, announced Wednesday that it had raised $65 million to continue with its plans for global expansion. The company’s software helps IT leaders see emerging threats on computer networks in real time. The company was founded in 2013, and has grown rapidly.

Machine learning to fight blindness as NHS secures AI vision with Google Deep Mind

News: Can AI prevent millions going blind with a simple eye scan? London based Moorfields Eye Hospital has teamed up with Google’s Deep Mind AI division to help prevent blindness. The hospital will be using the technology to automatically detect eye diseases from a million anonymous eyes scans.

How Machine Learning Affects Everyday Life

Enterprises today are finding it exceedingly meaningful and resourceful in the massive amounts of data they generate and save every day. The required algorithms, applications and frameworks to bring greater predictive accuracy and value to enterprises’ data sets are available; therefore, businesses need to make sure they have data sets of sufficient size and quality.

Romonet eyes machine learning analytics platform, files patents

Infrastructure management firm Romonet is filing new patents as it hopes to overhaul its intelligence platform with machine learning algorythms. The company aims to combine metered data, machine learning, simulation and predictive analytics in a single data center product.

Machine Learning Driven Programming: A New Programming for a New World – High Scalability –

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 8:56AM If Google were created from scratch today, much of it would be learned, not coded. Around 10% of Google’s 25,000 developers are proficient in ML; it should be 100% — Jeff Dean Like the weather, everybody complains about programming, but nobody does anything about it.

Crash Course in Recurrent Neural Networks for Deep Learning – Machine Learning Mastery

There is another type of neural network that is dominating difficult machine learning problems that involve sequences of inputs called recurrent neural networks. Recurrent neural networks have connections that have loops, adding feedback and memory to the networks over time. This memory allows this type of network to learn and generalize across sequences of inputs …

Lessons for Large-Scale Machine Learning Deployments on Apache Spark

We are excited to announce that the third eBook in our technical blog book series, Lessons for Large-Scale Machine Learning Deployments on Apache Spark, has been released today! You can download the eBook here.

HPE Haven OnDemand Offers APIs for Machine Learning – The New Stack

With the rise of machine learning, many organizations expected things to change in regards to how IT teams interact with their data. As more toolkits were created to leverage the power of the information inside of one’s data troves, HPE wondered how this process could be made even more efficient by combining machine learning with …

5 Q’s for Greg Corrado, Senior Research Scientist on Google’s Machine Learning Team

The Center for Data Innovation spoke with Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist on Google’s machine learning team. Corrado discussed how machine learning improves Google’s search results, as well as how Google benefits from making valuable machine learning software publicly available as open source. This transcription has been edited for clarity.

Applying Machine Learning To Identify Compromised Credentials

It’s not uncommon for large enterprises to have hundreds or perhaps hundreds of thousands of databases – many out of date, many no longer used, and the vast majority not monitored or properly secured from possible attacks. Unauthorized databases access is increasingly a result of credential theft, and IT personnel are urgently trying to get their arms around the situation.