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How Machine Learning Will Transform the Way Employers and Candidates Connect – insideBIGDATA

Even though you may not realize it, machine learning-powered matchmaking is present everywhere in our daily lives, from the type of content shown on our Facebook news feeds to the suggested TV shows that come up on Netflix, and even to the matches suggested on dating sites/apps like Match.com and Tinder.

AutomatedBuildings.com Article – Infusing Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Infusing Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence As anyone who endures a call with an automated customer “help line” quickly learns, robots have a frustrating inability to understand sarcasm. Sophie Loire, Ph.D., Research and Technology Fellow, Chris Tagge, Ph.D., CEO, Igor Mezic, Ph.D., Chief Scientific, Technical Advisor, Co-Founder Ecorithm, Inc.

IIoT Top News: Machine Learning | @ThingsExpo #IoT #M2M #IIoT #MachineLearning | news.sys-con.com

As we wrap up our top news for the week, we realize the need to fully implement advanced machine learning across the manufacturing world will take more than a simple flick of the wrist. With that said, we leave you with a cautionary tale of when automation goes wrong.

Soon Facebook Will Instantly Translate Your Posts Into 44 Languages

More than 1.5 billion people use Facebook. And only half speak English. The rest speak so many dozens of other languages, effectively silo’d off from the English speakers and, in many cases, from each other. It’s a case of social media being rather asocial. But that’s changing.

This A.I. Sonnet Generator Shows That Robots Can Write Poetry but Can’t Tell Stories

Accomplishments in artificial intelligence often suffer from the problem of moving goalposts: As soon as a machine or algorithm can accomplish something that has traditionally been the province of humans, we generally dismiss it. To replicate something with a machine is to show that it has always been mechanical, we just had the wrong machines.

A Google exec thinks your headphones could translate any language for you in 10 years

Doppler Labs Apps that help you translate different languages can be extraordinary helpful, but sometimes you want to understand a foreign language immediately. In a decade, that could very well be a reality thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, Greg Corrado, the co-founder of Google’s deep learning project dubbed Google Brain, said in a roundtable discussion with journalists Thursday.

AutomatedBuildings.com Editorial – July 2016

July – Performance Software Evolving with Self Machine Learning What is Performance Software? If you do not know you need to find out, because the market for Performance Software in Smart Buildings generated $12.72Bn in 2015, and will grow at a CAGR of 8.1% to $18.78Bn by 2020.

Eric Schmidt: Future Unicorn Companies Will Use Information Crowdsourcing & Machine Learning

Five years ago, Eric Schmidt mentioned publicly that mobile and apps will run the tech world. Though he didn’t predict exactly what products would dominate the industry, he was right on about users spending more time on smartphones. “Mobile is eating the world,” predicted Andreessen Horowitz Partner Benedict Evans, and Schmidt’s predictions for this new world are big.

Rebuilding the brain: Using AI, electrodes, and machine learning to bridge gaps in the human nervous system | ZDNet

Parallels have been drawn between the human brain and the computer since technology’s earliest days. One day, however, computing could be used to help brains damaged by traumatic events like a stroke to work once again.

The ‘Michael Jordan’ Of Machine Learning Wants To Put Smarter A.I. In Your Home

The sci-fi dream of owning your own home robot isn’t just a possibility anymore-it’s an eventuality. The first wave of home robots is already upon us with the Amazon Echo, and the coming Google Home. While these barebones bots can take simple commands, they can’t really add anything to the conversation or scoot around your home.