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Machine learning can analyze data to quickly pinpoint an attack.

We’re all familiar with the story – sophisticated cyber-attacks are increasing in number and complexity, adding to the workload of already beleaguered security professionals, and helping fuel a surge in cybersecurity job postings. But these positions are incredibly tough to fill because of the insufficient supply of experienced professionals and lack of new talent.

Researches identify medicinal plants using machine learning approach

MOSCOW, 30 June. /TASS/. Chemists and mathematicians from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) and Moscow State Universite (MSU) have suggested checking the composition of medical plants by means of machine learning technologies, the Skoltech press service said. They have come up with automatizing computer assisted data analysis based on high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Machine Learning Technology Predicting Wimbledon Social Media Trends

Reuters – Around half a million fans will attend this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships. But that figure is dwarfed by the number talking about the on-court action on social media. Wimbledon and partner IBM are using artificial intelligence to keep their 10 million-strong digital audience engaged.

AU10TIX Awarded Patent for Advanced Machine-Learning Algorithms That Increase Speed and Accuracy of ID Recognition & Authentication

Nicosia, Cyprus (PRWEB) July 01, 2016 — The new machine-learning algorithms patented by AU10TIX are particularly effective in increasing processing speed and accuracy of forgery detection in non-standard (non-MRZ, non-barcode) and borderline quality ID document images. These capabilities can surpass human expert capability and boost fraud prevention and regulatory compliance, while increasing operating efficiency and conversion success chance.

Putting deep learning to work

After demonstrating discontinuous jumps in image recognition performance and defeating Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol at Go, a game long resistant to computer mastery, deep learning has kicked up a swirling cloud of hype. And controversy. On the one hand, serious folks are studying how to prevent a recursively self-improving super intelligence from seizing Earth’s reins from humanity.

Machine Learning | Getting Started With Apache® Spark™ on Databricks

In this section, we will execute two different linear regression models using different regularization parameters and determine its efficacy. That is, how well do either of these two models predict the sales price (label) based on the population (feature).

The X with Machine Learning Business Model

Every few years a new movement becomes transformational in the technology industry driving a brand new generation of startups and new businesses. Some of those movements can be technological in nature like social, mobile, cloud or IOT while others like crowdsourcing or the gig economy are more transformational from the social standpoint.

What is Industrial Machine Learning?

Data has become a corporate priority for many large enterprises. According to research firm Frost & Sullivan, more than half of Fortune 1000 firms report having big data initiatives in place across the enterprise. The true value of these initiatives is the ability to obtain rapid insights and implement relevant changes that drive benefit.

Exploiting machine learning in cybersecurity

Thanks to technologies that generate, store and analyze huge sets of data, companies are able to perform tasks that previously were impossible. But the added benefit does come with its own setbacks, specifically from a security standpoint.

Use Apache Spark? This tool can help you tap machine learning

Finding insight in oceans of data is one of enterprises’ most pressing challenges, and increasingly artificial intelligence is being brought in to help. Now, a new tool for Apache Spark aims to put machine learning within closer reach.