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Image Augmentation for Deep Learning With Keras – Machine Learning Mastery

Data preparation is required when working with neural network and deep learning models. Increasingly data augmentation is also required on more complex object recognition tasks. In this post you will discover how to use data preparation and data augmentation with your image datasets when developing and evaluating deep learning models in Python with Keras.

Replication Data for: Retrospective Causal Inference with Machine Learning Ensembles: An Application to Anti-Recidivism Policies in Colombia – Political Analysis Dataverse

The Dataverse Project is an open source software application to share, cite and archive data. Dataverse provides a robust infrastructure for data stewards to host and archive data, while offering researchers an easy way to share and get credit for their data.

Intel Furthers Machine Learning Capabilities – insideHPC

“Intel provided a wealth of machine learning announcements following the Intel Xeon Phi processor (formerly known as Knights Landing) announcement at ISC’16. Building upon the various technologies in Intel Scalable System Framework, the machine learning community can expect up to 38% better scaling over GPU-accelerated machine learning and an up to 50x speedup when using 128 Intel Xeon Phi nodes compared to a single Intel Xeon Phi node.

Machine Learning: Crunchflow is Partnering with USC Researchers to Explore New Frontiers in Big Data

Professor Soibelman and his research group at the Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will have access to Crunchflow’s large metadata database that has anonymous performance information from thousands of projects and employees allocated in professional service organizations.

Blindspotter Uses Machine Learning to Find Suspicious Network Activity

NEWS ANALYSIS: The use of machine learning to identify suspicious online activity is a new and important capability in securing the network, but privileged users were the weak point until now. BUDAPEST-There is a consistent factor that will often be discovered in the aftermath of many of today’s data breaches and network breach attempts.

Anki’s AI-Powered Cozmo Robot Is A Pixar Character In Real Life

Drawing from artificial intelligence (AI) advances that often don’t trickle down to consumers out of the commercial sector, the company behind the Overdrive robotic cars is preparing to ship an animated little bot. Anki’s Cozmo, with its machine learning and dynamic personality, is redefining the term “bringing toys to life.”

Twitter Is Also Getting Into the VR, AR Game: Former Apple Designer To Lead The Charge

Social media platform Twitter is now also getting into the virtual reality and augmented reality industries, as it builds a team dedicated to the two relatively new but lucrative technologies. Leading the charge of Twitter will be Alessandro Sabatelli, a former designer at Apple who has been tapped to become the company’s Director of VR and AR.

Nvidia plugin makes GPU acceleration possible in Docker containers

It’s a conundrum: You’ve got deep learning software, which benefits greatly from GPU acceleration, wrapped up in a Docker container and ready to go across thousands of nodes. But wait — apps in Docker containers can’t access the GPU because they’re, well, containerized. Well, now they can.

How to Better Understand Your Machine Learning Data in Weka – Machine Learning Mastery

It is important to take your time to learn about your data when starting on a new machine learning problem. There are key things that you can look at to very quickly learn more about your dataset, such as descriptive statistics and data visualizations. In this post you will discover how you can learn more …

Machine learning for large-scale SEM accounts

A key challenge when working on what we could term “large-scale” PPC accounts is efficiency. There will always be more that you could do if given an unlimited amount of time to build out and optimize an AdWords campaign; therefore, the trick is managing priorities and being efficient with your time.