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Behavior I/O: Using Machine Learning to Empower Human Learning

At lunch last week, I learned that a couple colleagues were engaged in a little duel-trying to out-walk each other, as tracked by their new Fitbits. Self-improvement was definitely the goal, but seeing peer performance and benchmarks provided the required motivation to achieve that goal.

Learn deeply, but baby, don’t fear the Skynet

Who’s afraid of AlphaGo? Everyone who’s anyone, you might think. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking have all expressed concern about the “existential threat” of AI, just as “deep learning” neural networks are revolutionizing the AI field. Should we be scared for our jobs? Or even our species?

Google Pioneers Hybrid Approach to Quantum Computing

Google quantum computer prototype with nine superconducting qubits. (Image courtesy of Google Research). The 8 Ball supercomputer, a spherical monolith that can harness the rules of quantum mechanics to solve vastly complex problems, is not real. It’s actually a quantum computer that appeared in a short story written by science fiction novelist Gregory Dale Bear last year.

Microsoft researchers present 18 papers at the International Conference on Machine Learning

By Athima Chansanchai, Microsoft News Center Staff Machine learning covers a lot of ground. At Microsoft, it’s being incorporated to detect lies, recognize human responses and forecast finances; as well as improve search, natural language processing, advertising, security and gaming. It’s a broad discipline that touches daily life through artificial intelligence and the cloud -…

Machine Learning Introduction: Regression and Classification | Intel® Software

Classification identifies group membership. That means that if you have multiple events characterized by input parameters which can be labeled differently, and you want your system to predict which label should be used – this is the classical classification problem.

Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Robotics Are High Priorities For Developers In 2016

56.4% of developers are building robotics apps today. 45% of developers say that Internet of Things (IoT) development is critical to their overall digital strategy. 27.4% of all developers are building apps in the cloud today. 24.7% are using machine learning for development projects. These and many other insights are from the Evans Data […]

How to get the most out of machine learning systems

The father of modern speech recognition, Frederick Jelinek, once famously said: ‘Anytime a linguist leaves the group, the recognition rate goes up.’ Based on this logic, if the domain experts – the phonologists, in his case – were to be exchanged with pure engineers, the performance of the system would improve.

What the heck is… Machine Learning | The Memo

On the day that Twitter acquired London machine learning startup Magic Pony Technology, Alex Wood catches up with Suranga Chandratillake, to get to the bottom of this new area of technology, and find out why large American companies are getting so excited by British machine learning startups.

Scientists have invented a mind-reading machine. It doesn’t work all that well.

Neuroscientist Brice Kuhl recently told me something astounding. “We can take someone’s memory – which is typically something internal and private – and we can pull it out from their brains,” said Kuhl, who’s at the University of Oregon. That sounds a lot like … mind reading.

When Will Computers Have Common Sense? Ask Facebook

Facebook is well known for its early and increasing use of artificial intelligence. The social media site uses AI to pinpoint its billion-plus users’ individual interests and tailor content accordingly by automatically scanning their newsfeeds, identifying people in photos and targeting them with precision ads.