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The Most Important Metric is Trust: How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Can Help Pave the Way to Publisher Success

Roman Karachinsky, ‎Co-founder & CEO, News360 explains how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help publishers to take control of their audience data and identify its unique behavioral traits

Why is Microsoft buying LinkedIn?

Microsoft just surprised the world with its LinkedIn acquisition. Valued at $26.2 billion, it’s a huge price to pay for a social network, and it tops the charts as Microsoft’s biggest-ever acquisition. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first major acquisition, the success or failure of LinkedIn will define him as the leader of Microsoft’s increasingly service-driven future.

I want to get started with Machine Learning.. But where do I start?

Here’s a task for you: Type “I want to get started with machine learning” into your favourite search engine. What do you see? I get back a whole list of options from Coursera, Azure, Amazon, kdnuggets, reddit,… and I could continue on and on. So where should one get started?

Machine Learning Classic: Parsimonious Binary Classification Trees

Get your hands on a classic technical report outlining a three-step method of construction binary decision trees for multiple classification problems. By Leo Breiman and Charles J. Stone. A three-step method of construction binary decision trees for multiple classification problems is presented. First a splitting rule is defined in terms of a generalization of Gini’s index of diversity.

Improving Clinical Insights with Machine Learning – DATAVERSITY

by Angela Guess Mark Hardy recently wrote in Health Data Management, “Understanding and managing unwarranted clinical variation is a significant and costly challenge in today’s value-based health economy. Every patient is unique, so variation is a natural element in most healthcare delivery. But improving patient outcomes, minimizing medical errors and reducing costs is difficult when …

World’s Tiniest Violin Uses Radar and Machine Learning

The folks at [Design I/O] have come up with a way for you to play the world’s tiniest violin by rubbing your fingers together and actually have it play a violin sound. For those who don’t know, when you want to express mock sympathy for someone’s complaints you can rub your thumb and index finger together and say “You hear that?

Machine Learning Enlisted to Fight Ransomware

Everyone seemingly is complaining about the spread of ransomware, and now somebody is trying to do something about it using machine learning-based behavioral analytics techniques to track suspicious behavior on company networks.

Machine Learning May Look Like It’s A Threat To Information Providers, But Looks Can Be Deceiving

At first glance it may look like machine learning threatens the job of people who provide information for others to use. However, closer examination of the tasks that make up the information provider’s job shows that the opposite is true.

How Non-Tech Companies Can Leverage Machine Learning

Machine learning can help even non-technical companies improve profitability.

Machine learning helps determine which infants will gain the most from cochlear implantation

Intact hearing in early childhood is essential for normal development of communication skills and language. Neural circuits are responsible for the healthy development of hearing, which is foundational for most academic skills, such as reading and language communication.