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AIG & Zurich on Machine Learning in Insurance

Where and how can machine learning be practically applied by insurers? And is it worth it? Read the white paper from insurance experts at AIG and Zurich. By Emma Sheard, Insurance Nexus. The insurance industry has always used analytics and insights as a key competitive advantage, and there have been significant advances in growing analytics capabilities in recent years.

Model evaluation, model selection, and algorithm selection in machine learning – Part I

Machine learning has become a central part of our life – as consumers, customers, and hopefully as researchers and practitioners! Whether we are applying predictive modeling techniques to our research or business problems, I believe we have one thing in common: We want to make “good” predictions!

SD Times Blog: Machine learning is the new SOA – SD Times

It seems almost comical to think that artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming, or rather have become, full-blown buzzwords. First of all, according to the annals of science fiction literature, we should have already invented a smarter-than-human AI by now, and according to “Terminator,” we’re 19 years overdue for a giant, AI-based nuclear annihilation of the human race.

Venture capital funding is rushing into machine learning startups

Several years ago, Big Data was the new thing turning every venture capitalist on his ( or, only very occasionally, her) ear. Today’s go-to trend is using machine intelligence (MI) to help businesses exploit their data to work smarter.

Machine learning could help companies react faster to ransomware

File-encrypting ransomware programs have become one of the biggest threats to corporate networks worldwide and are constantly evolving by adding increasingly sophisticated detection-evasion and propagation techniques. In a world where any self-respecting malware author makes sure that his creations bypass antivirus detection before releasing them, enterprise security teams are forced to focus on improving their response times to infections rather than trying to prevent them all, which is likely to be a losing game.

Business is waking up to the idea of deep learning

In the movie Transcendence, Johnny Depp plays Dr Will Caster, a researcher in artificial intelligence at Berkeley trying to build a sentient computer. Stuart Russell is Will Caster’s real life equivalent. He works on artificial intelligence at the University of California at Berkeley, and is co-author of the definitive textbook on AI.

‘Ants’ go marching on to optimize traffic lights

Tiny and industrious, ants are models of teamwork and efficiency. The picnic-wrecking insects could also teach city planners a thing or two about how to optimize the timing of traffic signals, according to students at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

9 Tech Giants Embracing The Open Source Revolution – InformationWeek

It was only 15 years ago that Microsoft’s then-CEO likened open source software licenses to “a cancer.” But today, Redmond is joining other tech giants in donating intellectual property to the hive mind of open source. Here’s why it matters.

Step by Step Machine Learning: A Classification model to help the Humane Society

This tutorial will walk you through a classification machine learning experiment to predict one of several possible outcomes for an animal brought to the humane society. If you missed the previous tutorials you can find them here Predicting survivors on the titanic (two-class prediction) Analyzing breast cancer data (two-class prediction) For a more comprehensive introduction…

Machine learning helps determine which infants will gain the most from cochlear implantation

Intact hearing in early childhood is essential for normal development of communication skills and language. Neural circuits are responsible for the healthy development of hearing, which is foundational for most academic skills, such as reading and language communication.