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Why Are Most Artificial Intelligence Applications Female?

Have you noticed that artificial intelligence applications you interact with, such as Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, are female? That’s not a coincidence. There are several reasons: Karl Fredric MacDorman, a computer scientist and expert in human-computer interaction at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, attributes the “female” AI to the gender of the AI technologists that develop the applications.

What is… Artificial Intelligence?

In the ever-changing world of high-tech gadgets and gizmos, a whole load of jargon is thrown our way that many of us don’t necessarily understand. In our regular series, What is…, we’ll tackle a tech term and explain what it means so you can understand it a bit more.

Ford Invests in Artificial Intelligence for Self-Driving Cars

A California start-up working on artificial intelligence-powered mapping software for self-driving cars today received $6.6 million from a group of investors that includes the Ford Motor Company. Like other automakers, Ford is testing its autonomous car technology in Michigan and on public roads in California, where its engineers are evaluating the sensors that detect and track objects in the vehicle’s view.

Artificial intelligence reveals undiscovered bat carriers of Ebola and other filoviruses | Science Codex

(Millbrook, NY) A team of scientists has developed a model that can predict bat species most likely to transmit Ebola and other filoviruses. Findings highlight new potential hosts and geographic hotspots worthy of surveillance. So reports a new paper in the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

A tougher Turing Test shows chatbots are still pretty stupid

To find out just how advanced our current AI systems are, researchers have developed a tougher Turing Test – called the Winograd Schema Challenge – which measures how well robotic intelligence matches human intelligence.

Learning to color: Can artificial intelligence accurately colorize your black and white photos?

by Jeremy Gray There’s plenty of demand for colorization of black and white photos. There’s even a subreddit dedicated to adding realistic color to old black and white images. It can be a time-consuming process and you need to be very familiar with Photoshop — or similar software — to do it convincingly.

An Obama official says the biggest threat from AI is that we won’t invest enough in it

In 2014, the Pew Research Center asked a panel of 1,896 experts if artificial intelligence would destroy more jobs than it created within a decade. The answer, including responses from Google’s chief economist and MIT computer scientists, was definitive: they have no idea (pdf). The group came down almost 50-50 on both sides of the argument.

A conversation with Demis Hassabis, the Bullfrog AI prodigy now finding solutions to the world’s big problems

“One day I dream of coming back and making the ultimate game with some learning AI in it,” says Demis Hassabis, once a 15-year-old Bullfrog employee designing AI for Populous II, now founder of artificial general intelligence project Google DeepMind, whose AlphaGo AI beat 18-time world Go champion Lee Sedol in March 2016.

Artificial Intelligence Swarms Silicon Valley on Wings and Wheels

“Whenever there is a new idea, the valley swarms it,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive of Nvidia, a chip maker that was founded to make graphic processors for the video game business but that has turned decisively toward artificial intelligence applications in the last year.

3 ways artificial intelligence is transforming e-commerce | Information Age

Print this page Email article In 2015, the Chinese e-commerce market generated an estimated $562 billion in sales, with shopping named as the fastest-growing online activity among Chinese consumers. Though the rise of e-commerce is hardly a surprise at this point, the global reach and consistent growth in this sector make it one of the most significant global trends.