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Hotels turn guest joy into marketing messages using artificial intelligence

Flip.to has created an artificial intelligence-led platform that it reckons is the start of “real personalisation at scale” for hotels. No idea what that means?

One software engineer is using artificial intelligence to stop cats going on his lawn

Technology giant Nvidia has revealed how one of its engineers has used machine learning at his home to keep cats off his prized lawn.

Innovating Bank Compliance: The Real Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence | International Banker

For banking and financial institution executives – and for their investors – 2016 has begun on a sour note. From the largest money center banks to small local institutions, double-digit earnings declines were commonplace in the first quarter, as banks suffered from slower loan growth, challenging capital markets, and elevated provisions for energy credits, among other factors.

Artificial Intelligence – IEEE – The Institute

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Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence | IJCAI

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Moguls At Sun Valley Bone Up On Artificial Intelligence, Terrorism, And Biotech

There’s more to the Allen & Co annual Sun Valley mogul gathering than talk about potential media deals: The industry’s corporate elite spent this morning listening to a panel about advances in artificial intelligence, following sessions yesterday dealing with education, biotech and gene splicing, and the status of Middle East.

Is artificial intelligence the next frontier in security technology?

It sounds like the stuff of science-fiction; computer-based systems that can learn behavior pattern and make predictions about future incidents in both the physical and virtual world. After all, just mentioning the term “artificial intelligence” typically conjures up thoughts of machines becoming self-aware and annihilating humankind vis-a-vis “The Terminator.”

Artificial Intelligence Invades Fashion Industry [EXCLUSIVE]: How AI-Based Fashion Startup Tess. Uses Machine Learning To Create World’s Greatest Virtual Styling/Shopping Service For Women

Today, artificial intelligence has become the latest trend in various fields, including education, healthcare, the environment and the business sectors. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if artificial intelligence invades the world of fashion? Whether people will admit it or not, fashion is playing an essential role in our daily routines.

Project Malmo, which lets researchers use Minecraft for AI research, makes public debut – Next at Microsoft

Microsoft has made Project Malmo, a platform that uses the world of Minecraft as a testing ground for advanced artificial intelligence research, available for novice to experienced programmers on GitHub via an open-source license.

How artificial intelligence could help warn us of another Dallas

As the country reels from the spasm of gun violence that killed two black men and five police officers this week, a prominent digital vigilante is using an online tool he hacked together to keep an eye on hot spots that seem at risk of boiling over into bloodshed.