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New ‘moonshot’ effort to understand the brain brings artificial intelligence closer to reality

Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Center for Brain Science (CBS), and the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology have been awarded over $28 million to develop advanced machine learning algorithms by pushing the frontiers of neuroscience.

Jennings on BBC: Artificial Intelligence will change employment landscape

Davos Highlights Day 1


The debate on how to use AI for good is well under way at the World Economic Forum ‘s annual meeting in Davos. The challenges global decision makers face as they strategise about the future are varied, but one factor that cannot be ignored is the urgency with which we need to propel our businesses and societies forward.

Google & Facebook Miss Out On Purchase Of AI Startup Viv Labs | Androidheadlines.com

What might be close to one of the biggest startups in history as well as a being an easy future multi-billion dollar company is something that started all thanks to the dream of creating artificial intelligence. The dream of making an AI is nothing new considering we have major companies that are playing with their own virtual assistants something that closely resembles artificial intelligence.

Snap To Configure, The Future Of Intelligence

Snap-To-It, a project from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, lets users connect to smart appliances by taking a picture of them. Image courtesy Carnegie Mellon University via MIT Technology Review This is Change Log – my semi-weekly observations and links on the intersection of tech, commerce, health, culture and markets This is a great Internet […]

New algorithm helps machines learn as quickly as humans

An artificial intelligence breakthrough from the universities of New York, Toronto and MIT is showcasing the impressive ability of artificial intelligence to learn visual concepts in a single shot and manipulate them in human-like ways. The advance could lead to smarter phones, much-improved speech recognition, and computers that better understand the world around them.

Hope and fear over artificial intelligence

It is not clear whether pessimism or optimism over artificial intelligence (AI) is winning the day, according to a panel discussing the state of the field at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday.

Breast cancer diagnosis improves with help from artificial intelligence

A newly developed artificial intelligence system is showing promise as a way to help pathologists improve diagnosis of breast cancer from images. In a test at a scientific meeting, it boosted human accuracy from 96 to 99.5 percent. Peering into the microscope to sift through millions of cells to spot just a few cancerous ones can be very labor-intensive with conventional methods.

Artificial Intelligence for Vehicles Is Entering the Speed Lane – DZone Big Data

Learn about how to rapidly iterate data applications, while reusing existing code and leveraging open source technologies, brought to you in partnership with Exaptive. IHS Technology has announced that AI in new vehicles is projected to increase over 1700 percent by 2025.

The quest for artificial intelligence that can outsmart hackers

In the future, will artificial intelligence be so sophisticated that it will be able to tell when someone is trying to deceive it? A Carnegie Mellon University professor and his team is working on technology that could move this idea from the realm of science fiction to reality.