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Artificial Intelligence vs The Human Brain

In the run-up to Manchester’s Brain Box event which will showcase pioneering science around the workings of the brain we ask the question ‘will machines with artificial intelligence ever outperform the human brain?’


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (June 13, 2016) – As the complexity and penetration of in-vehicle infotainment systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) increases, there is a growing need for hardware and software solutions that support artificial intelligence, which uses electronics and software to emulate the functions of the human brain.

AI, Machine Learning Drive Autonomous Vehicle Development – InformationWeek

The applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning in self-driving vehicles range from infotainment systems to advanced driver assistance systems, according to new report from IHS. (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are burgeoning spaces in the tech industry, and a new report from analytics firm IHS indicates AI developers are increasingly focused on the autonomous vehicle space.

Can artificial intelligence wipe out cyber terror?

AI will replace large teams of tier-1 SOC analysts who today stare at endless streams of threat alerts, says a former director of DARPA.

Artificial intelligence fools humans with realistic sounds

The first artificial intelligence algorithm to pass the “Turing Test for sound” has been created, capable of producing sounds that fool humans into thinking they are real. Researchers from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrated an algorithm that was able to view silent video clips and accurately predict realistic sounds that might appear.

Office workers meet Betty – their new robot colleague

Team meetings will never be the same again for one work group who have taken on a humanoid staff member A trainee office manager is set to begin a two month trial, but this is a new starter with a difference – because Betty is a ROBOT.

Kevin Kelly on the inevitable rise of virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Our machines are getting smarter at a mind-bending pace. Tech writer Kevin Kelly, founder and former executive editor at Wired Magazine (his job title now is Senior Maverick), attempts to chart the future in his new book “The Inevitable: Understanding The 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future.”

Six Upcoming Events Focus on Artificial Intelligence

Conferences cover machine learning, cognitive systems, and gaming

Future Of Retail: Artificial Intelligence And Virtual Reality Have Big Roles To Play

From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, emerging technologies are rewriting the retail playbook at a rapid pace, suggests J. Walter Thompson Intelligence in a new report called Frontier(less) Retail.

Neural networks: Artificial intelligence and our future

Imagine yourself a passenger in a futuristic self-driving car. Instead of programming its navigation system, the car interacts with you in a near-human way to understand your desired destination. The car has learned your preferences for music, temperature and lighting; these are adjusted without the need to twist a knob.