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Elearning In Motion: Making Awesome Elearning

How do you make awesome elearning? We use the power of multimedia and effective instructional design, we use the latest technology in rapid elearning, we work with you to deliver products that will support your goals and, above all, produce effective learning.

What is Elearning In Motion?

Elearning In Motion means change, we move forward, we keep up with the latest trends and technologies in elearning, we follow sound instructional design and proven principles that make your products work and deliver results. We are a Florida-based company with a combined ten years of experience in the field.

Elearning In Motion Recent Posts

Course Development

Whether you already have an online course or will be developing a new course, we can help you during the production process, from the needs analysis project to course release […]

Interactivity in elearning

At Elearning in Motion we create interactive activities, games, assessments, and learning objects that are conducive to learning. We achieve this by implementing learning goals that can be measured for […]

Elearning Programs

If your organization has the need of offering elearning courses, either through a training program or as revenue sources, we can help you in deploying your courses through your own […]